Questions & Answers

How long is the route?

The guided tour along the dinosaur route lasts one hour. If you arrive in Boscosauro after a visit you can wait for the next one: the tours leave every hour.

Is it possible to do the route without a guide?

Yes, you can make the journey among the dinosaurs independently, thanks to the presence of bilingual (Italian-English) captions placed at the foot of the various specimens.

Is it necessary to make a reservation?

Reservations are required only for schools, groups, and associations. For more information or special offers reserved for groups and booking methods, please consult the Forest School page on this site.

Are dogs allowed?

Of course yes! Of course, dogs must be kept on a leash and if they are large, they must wear a muzzle.

Is there an area for campers?

Although there is not a real equipped camper area you can come to Boscosauro with your camper and remain there during the operating hours.

Is it possible to have lunch?

Of course! Ours natural area has a refreshment point equipped for your picnics.

Open all day?

Boscosauro operates continuously from 10am to 6PM.

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