Play workshops

Before starting: the students will be introduced to the visit through interactive audio-visual material.

The Dinosaurs: a space-time journey to discover the dinosaurs, with attention to the smallest details by our well-prepared guides.

The laboratories: with clay, with chalk, 3D, digging in the sand in search of remains like true paleontologists.

Fun activities: treasure hunt, themed playground, a visit to the Sabini Estate where sheep, cows, donkeys, and horses freely graze, and it is also possible to visit an aviary with different species of birds.

Boscosauro baby: a project designed for preschool children with a path and educational activities and games designed for their needs. A clue? Cute puppets will try their hand at telling the story of the dinosaurs.

Saurotherapy: a social inclusion project carried out in collaboration with local associations that provides themed activities prepared exclusively for differently-abled people. For them, reduced-price admission.

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